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Spa Services

Vou Pre Spa Services

Treat your skin to an exclusive selection of spa services, available only at Vou Pre. These indulgent treatments will not only help to transform your complexion, but will also provide some therapeutic relaxation for your mind, body and soul. Whether you’re looking for an instant glow before a special event, or want to add a little something special to your regular routine, the spa services at Vou Pre will help to brighten, tighten and truly re-energize your skin.

The RF Aqua Experience 60 MINUTES

Treat your skin to 60 minutes of luxurious indulgence with our RF Aqua Facial. This 3-in-1 custom treatment consists of a deep cleanse, complete with extractions, an anti-aging radio frequency treatment, and, to top it off, a deep exfoliation with a glycolic/salicylic acid peel, resulting in hydrated skin that beautifully glows. You will notice improvements in your complexion immediately, but this treatment also stimulates certain processes deeper within your skin, boosting collagen production to give you a smoother, firmer and tighter appearance in the long run. Make this facial a regular part of your routine to make the most of its incredible anti-aging benefits!

Thermal Detox 50 MINUTES

Lie back and relax with our Thermal Detox, which will treat you to 50 minutes of blissful tranquility. The formula used in this treatment features a purifying blend of kaolin, zeolite, a range of powerful vitamins, and the special infusion of dragonfruit cellular extract, all of which will work to remove toxins, unclog pores and provide your skin with a dose of antioxidants. This is not only the perfect opportunity to take some time out to revive and refine your skin, but also to clear your mind and revitalize your soul. This treatment will be customized to your needs, and will include a 0.25mm dermal roller, as well as extractions, if required.

True Revive 60 MINUTES

Revive dull and lifeless skin with the healing and energizing properties of the Cannabis Collection. This 60-minute journey begins with a deep cleansing of the skin, removing any dirt and impurities while exfoliating away roughness and deeper blockages. The treatment then continues with an LED Photo-Therapy session, to enhance the reparative properties of the collection’s exclusive star ingredient - Cannabis Sativa Oil. In just one hour, our True Revive treatment will increase cellular regeneration, improve the appearance of scarring and hyperpigmentation, strengthen and restore your skin’s structure and integrity, and increase firmness and elasticity, bringing back the complexion of your youth.

Vou Pre Microdermabrasion 50 MINUTES

Our customizable Microderm abrasion facial brings together advanced cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration, providing your skin with all it needs to truly thrive. Whether tackling dryness and flakiness, or blemished, acneic skin, this bespoke treatment will be completely tailored to suit your skin’s individual needs. The treatment begins with a thorough cleanse, using skin-brightening enzymes and amino acids to lift away impurities. Next, those dull, lifeless cells on the surface of your skin are cleared away by our powerful, yet gentle, Diamond Microdermabrasion device, revealing the younger, fresher and plumper cells beneath. Your skin will then be treated to an intense dose of hydration, which will soothe, soften and protect, helping to maintain that revitalized glow.


The spa service add-ons at Vou Pre enable you to customize your treatment to fully target any specific skin concerns you may be dealing with. Whether you want to reduce the depth and visibility of your wrinkles, fade away those dark spots, or simply treat your skin to a deep, relaxing detox, these add-ons can be paired with any of our standard spa services for the ultimate in skin care bliss.

Facial Stimulating Massage

Our Facial Stimulating Massage combines lymphatic drainage and contouring in such a soothing and relaxing way, making this 30-minute add-on the perfect addition to any of our other facial treatments. This revitalizing treatment, which is a favorite among celebrities, makes use of deep tissue massage techniques to relax facial muscles and increase metabolism, promoting a more contoured and defined facial structure. The way in which this gentle massage stimulates certain pressure points in the face also relieves fluid retention, swelling and bloating, while providing a detoxifying effect at the same time.

LED for Anti-Aging

Our signature Photo-Therapy treatment makes use of LED lights to tackle and improve just about any skin condition. Light therapy has been proven to minimize fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production in the dermis. Your cells and tissues will steadily absorb the LED wavelengths, which then boost cellular energy and stimulate reparative reactions. Accomplishing improved skin from the inside-out, our LED for Anti-Aging add-on is a pain-free way to dramatically enhance your skin without having to deal with any side effects.

Dermal Roller

The Vou Pre Dermal Roller contains hundreds of tiny needles that create “micro” injuries in the dermis, sending collagen and elastin production into overdrive. When carried out regularly, microneedling is extremely effective at targeting fine lines, wrinkles, scars and other aging-related skin concerns, leaving you with a complexion that looks and feels smoother, firmer and tighter. When combined with any of our other facial treatments, microneedling will also help to boost ingredient absorption by up to 90%, maximizing your results even more.

Chemical Peel

A powerful and effective way to exfoliate, a chemical peel works by sloughing off the outer layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes while improving skin texture and overall health. Chemical peels vary in strength, but even the mildest is capable of dramatically increasing cellular turnover to noticeably improve the appearance of the skin. Enjoy a brighter, tighter and clearer complexion with this popular skin-enhancing add-on.


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