L’Rae Beam


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Make the most of the age-defying effects of Radio Frequency technology with the L’Rae Beam. Designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, inflammation and breakouts, this cutting-edge device features multiple functions to enable you to fully customize your treatment to suit your skin’s individual needs.


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Combining multiple functions to deliver the ultimate skincare experience, the L'Rae Beam is a multi-step routine that enhances skin softness and reduces the appearance of fine lines, breakouts, and inflammation.

The L'Rae Beam has three modes to enhance your skincare experience.

Mode 1: Radio-frequency (RF) electrodes and red LED are known to enhance the appearance of skin firmness and suppleness.

Mode 2: Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and Purple LED encourage an overall brighter, refreshed glow.

Mode 3: Blue LED is highly effective in reducing the appearance of breakouts and inflammation. Combined with the cooling effect of stainless steel chillers, Mode 3 will calm the skin and boost natural radiance.