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The Best Ingredients For Soothing the Look of Inflamed Skin


Not only can inflamed skin feel itchy and uncomfortable, but the way in which it can make the complexion look red and blotchy isn’t usually appreciated either! While it’s always a good idea to spend some time working out the cause of your inflammation, the right skincare ingredients can be a lifesaver in the meantime, restoring the feeling of balance to your skin.

So, which ingredients should you be keeping an eye out for if you’re hoping to soothe the look of inflamed skin? Read on as VouPre shares some of the very best:


Advanced Gold Serum

Peptides have long since been used in the medical field as a way to mediate the feeling of inflammation. So, it was hardly surprising when, several years ago, they entered the skincare sphere too. Now, there are so many different peptides used in skincare products, each one known for how it can calm the look of acute inflammation. This includes the appearance of inflammatory conditions like acne.

For maximum complexion-calming benefits, look for a product that offers a peptide blend, rather than a single peptide. The Advanced Gold Eye Serum from VouPre, for example, contains a peptide duo. With both palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, along with aloe vera, any inflamed skin around your eyes will feel more relaxed in no time.

Aloe Vera Extract

Age Defense Cream SPF 30

You’re likely already aware of how aloe vera can quickly calm the feeling of inflammation. After all, this is why so many turn to it when they’re sunburnt! It all comes down to a compound called glucomannan, enabling the ingredient to quickly restore peace to the complexion.

Aloe vera also happens to be incredibly hydrating and packed with antioxidants, making it an ingredient worth using daily. With the Age Defense Cream SPF 30 from VouPre, this is easy. Not only will the aloe vera help to keep your complexion calm, but the sun-protecting properties of this moisturizer will prevent UV rays from making your inflamed skin even worse.

If you need an extra aloe vera boost every now and again, turn to the Pure Soothing Eye Jelly Masks Limited Edition. These eye patches will tackle the look of inflammation and puffiness under your eyes. They’ll leave your eye area looking brighter and plumper.


Limited Edition

Otherwise known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is a superstar at reducing the feeling of inflammation, so much so that it’s sometimes taken as an oral supplement by those with acne-prone skin. It has a similar effect when applied topically too. Whether your inflamed skin is down to sun exposure, rosacea, irritation from cosmetics, or anything else, niacinamide will leave your skin feeling much calmer.

To add niacinamide to your skincare routine, check out the Collagen Cooling Set Limited Edition. There are three products in this set and two of them, the face mask and the face mist, contain niacinamide. With the face mist, you’ll be able to use the ingredient daily. You could even apply the mist in between each step of your skincare routine. This will really bump up the amount of niacinamide you’re giving to your skin. Meanwhile, the face mask will give your skin some extra B3 once a week.

Shea Butter

Revitalizing Night Cream

Shea butter is a natural ingredient that has been used for centuries in Africa. While its main benefit is its fatty acid content, which moisturizes and softens the complexion, the ingredient is also loved for how it soothes the look of inflammation. It’s great for countering the appearance of redness and swelling, restoring the complexion to a happier state.

This is another ingredient that’s worth using daily, which is easy when you have the VouPre Revitalizing Night Cream by your side. This moisturizer will have you waking up to skin that looks calm and clear. 

The Derma Revive Neck Cream is another shea butter-infused formula to consider. This is an even richer cream, which the delicate skin on the neck needs. It combines shea butter with aloe vera, amino acids, jojoba oil, and sodium hyaluronate, resulting in a blend that will leave your neck looking smoother and tighter.

Chamomile Extract

Hydrating Toner

If you’ve ever had problems sleeping at night, chamomile tea is often recommended as a good solution. This is down to a few potent compounds within it that have a calming effect on the mind. These properties translate to the complexion too when the ingredient is applied topically. Not only has it been proven to improve the look of inflammation in the skin but it’s also loaded with antioxidants that will help to keep your skin looking healthy in the long term.

Chamomile’s gentle nature makes it suitable for all skin types too. For best results, apply it to your skin immediately after cleansing. This way, it has direct contact with your skin cells, enabling it to work to its full potential. With VouPre’s Hydrating Toner, this is easy! Spritz some onto your face once you’re done cleansing and you’ll be giving your skin a splash of chamomile, along with aloe vera and cucumber fruit extract, both of which are great for tackling the look of inflammation too!

Sodium Hyaluronate

Aqua Collection

One of skincare’s most famous ingredients, sodium hyaluronate is a multi-tasking wonder. This humectant is most revered for how it hydrates the skin, leaving it looking plumper and brighter. However, the way in which it binds moisture to the skin’s surface can help with the appearance of inflammation too. It will also give your skin barrier a feeling of support and fortification, preventing the feeling of inflammation from arising quite so quickly in the future.

Sodium hyaluronate can be found in several VouPre products. With the Ultra Day Moisturizer, you’ll be able to apply this ingredient every morning. It’s a lightweight cream that feels super hydrating and soothing.

For an extra boost once a week, turn to the VouPre Aqua Melting Mask. Not only will this formula soothe the look of inflamed skin but it’s also brimming with skin-loving superfruit extracts. 


Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask

Honey has long since been valued for its therapeutic properties, many of which benefit the skin when the ingredient is applied topically. It’s an ingredient loved by those with eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea because of how soothing it feels. 

Of course, working with pure honey can get pretty sticky and messy! Get around this by opting for skincare products containing honey instead, just like the Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask from VouPre. Although clay masks aren’t often recommended for inflamed skin, this one is different thanks to its complexion-calming ingredients. Honey is joined by coconut alkanes, grape stem cells, and cucumber fruit extract. They’ll all leave your skin feeling perfectly balanced!

Cucumber Fruit Extract

Ageless Solution Syringe

We’ve mentioned cucumber fruit extract a few times now, so it deserves a section of its own! You’re probably familiar with the concept of placing cucumber slices over puffy eyes. This practice became famous because of how cucumbers are so effective at soothing the complexion. 

The extract form has a high moisture content too, making this ingredient an exceptional hydrator as well. Of course, like any plant extract, it’s full of antioxidants, helping to maintain healthy-looking skin.

Cucumber fruit extract is a pretty fast-acting ingredient, which is why you’ll find it in the VouPre Anti-Aging Rescue Solution. This high-performance formula gets to work in just seconds. Not only will it calm the appearance of inflammation but it will also smooth away the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin E

Clearsuds Foaming Purifier-2

There are several studies out there that confirm the beneficial effects that vitamin E can have on the appearance of inflamed skin. From UV-induced swelling to redness caused by inflammatory skin disorders, the use of vitamin E can quickly calm the complexion down.

If you often experience inflamed skin after cleansing, find yourself a vitamin E-infused cleanser, just like the VouPre ClearSuds Foaming Purifier. With vitamin E in the mix, it will cleanse your skin without causing any irritation.

If you’d prefer to use the ingredient in the form of a serum, you’ll find it in the VouPre Vita C Serum. In this formula, it’s combined with vitamins A and C. This creates an unstoppable force against the appearance of any inflammation that dares to erupt.

Sweet Almond Oil

Detoxifying Thermal Mask

Just about every plant oil out there will help to soothe the look of inflammation in its own way. However, sweet almond oil is one of the best. It reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation while also leaving the skin feeling softer and more supple. It’s packed with antioxidants too, which your skin will love!

For a weekly dose of sweet almond oil, check out the VouPre Detoxifying Thermal Mask. It also contains aloe vera and vitamin E, both of which we’ve already discussed. Not only will it soothe your complexion but this mask will also have your skin looking brighter and deeply rejuvenated.


Dark Circle Eye Cream

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant that’s often used in an attempt to fight the appearance of free radical damage. Whether this may be in the form of wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, or anything else, resveratrol can make your skin look healthier and more youthful with regular use.

However, many don’t realize that this ingredient is also useful for rebalancing the look of inflamed skin. It’s gentle enough to be used around the eyes too, which is why we’ve included it in the VouPre Dark Circle Eye Cream. Inflammation around the eyes can lead to the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, both of which this cream will help to eradicate!

Soothing the Look of Inflamed Skin With VouPre

As frustrating as it may be to have to deal with a complexion that often ends up inflamed, the good news is that there are plenty of ingredients that can help you to overcome this, and many of them can be found in VouPre products. No matter what may be causing your inflamed skin, the products featured above will all help to restore calmness and balance back to your complexion, leaving it feeling so much healthier once again.

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