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Summer Lovin’: Your Seasonal Guide to Radiant Skin


With temperatures rising and the sun burning brighter than ever, people tend to find themselves spending more time outdoors during the summer months. However, while you may be enjoying all that the summer season has to offer, your skin is unlikely to be feeling the same way. Instead, the increase in humidity coupled with the rising intensity of the sun’s UV rays can play havoc with the skin, causing a variety of skin concerns to arise.

Chances are that you want to avoid all of that and sport glowing summer skin. Fortunately, this is an achievable goal, especially if you have VouPre by your side! Read on as we talk you through how to care for summer skin so that your complexion looks flawlessly radiant throughout the warmer months.

Find a Sunscreen That You Love

Age Defense Cream SPF 30

Sunscreen is important year-round since the sun’s UV rays never stop damaging the skin, even in the winter. However, those rays become all the more powerful during the summer, making sunscreen even more essential.

The problem with sunscreen is that very few people actually enjoy using it. Why? Research points to how many find it to be an inconvenience. People also dislike the sticky feeling that many sunscreens leave behind, plus the way in which some formulas can leave the skin looking white.

The good news is that VouPre has created a solution to this problem; the Age Defense Cream SPF 30. It looks and feels just like a regular moisturizer, yet it contains broad-spectrum SPF 30 to provide the recommended amount of sun protection. Applying it in the morning instead of your regular moisturizer makes using it very convenient, and the fact that it sinks into the skin so quickly without leaving a white cast behind means that regular top-ups throughout the day aren’t such an issue.

Take Additional Sun Protection Measures

Unfortunately, even with a good sunscreen by your side, SPF alone is unlikely to give your skin the full protection that it needs from the sun. Studies have found that, when applying sunscreen, people tend to accidentally miss out areas of their skin. Many also don’t reapply it often enough – every two hours is the recommended amount.

While upping your SPF game should be your first point of call, it would also help to take some additional sun protection measures. Your clothing and accessories, for example, can go a long way in shielding your skin from the sun by providing an extra physical barrier over your skin’s surface. A wide-brimmed hat will cast shade upon your face while sunglasses will keep your delicate eye area sheltered. Long and loose clothing will also help to block the sun’s UV rays from reaching the skin on your body.

In addition to this, try to stay in the shade during the sun’s hottest hours. These are generally between 11 am and 3 pm, although this will vary depending on where in the world you are.

Make Sure That Your Cleanser is Suitable For Summer Skin

Clearsuds Foaming Purifier

It’s not just the temperature and humidity that rise in the warmer weather – your skin’s sebum production does as well. This is why the skin often feels oilier during the summer months while those with already-oily skin experience a surge in clogged pores and breakouts. It doesn’t help that people tend to sweat more in the summer too – something else that can contribute to blocked pores.

So, while a gentle cleanser may have cut it in the winter months, you may need something more powerful in the summer, especially if your skin type is oily or combination. Foaming cleansers are loved for their efficacy but make sure that you choose a sulfate-free formula, such as the VouPre ClearSuds Foaming Purifier. The decadent foam that it produces is perfect for summer skin while the botanical extracts and peptides in this formula will leave your skin feeling soothed.

Exfoliate a Couple of Times a Week

Deep Renewal Facial Peel

Regularly cleansing summer skin will go a long way in keeping your complexion fresh and radiant. However, cleansing on its own isn’t enough. Cleansing tackles the surface of your skin but, even if you cleanse twice a day, you’ll still end up with sebum and other impurities in your pores, which only an exfoliator can remove.

Exfoliation offers several other benefits too. It brightens the look of the skin while also helping to reduce the appearance of aging. It will encourage the rest of your skincare products to work better too!

If you don’t yet have an exfoliator suitable for summer skin, check out the VouPre Deep Renewal Facial Peel. Thanks to the inclusion of vitamin E and glycerin, it will hydrate and moisturize your skin while it exfoliates!

One thing to remember; exfoliation can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and its damage. Needless to say, this isn’t what you want during the summer. You’ll need to be even more diligent about sunscreen if you exfoliate in the mornings. Alternatively, if your skin is already on the sensitive side, save your exfoliator for evening use.

Vitamin C to the Rescue

Vita C Serum 2

There are plenty of ingredients that are beneficial in a summer skincare routine, but vitamin C is one that just about every dermatologist would recommend. It’s a powerful antioxidant, meaning that it will help to prevent and repair the appearance of UV damage. This is exactly what you need during the summer months.

Vitamin C is also loved for how it can counter the look of aging in the skin. Whether you’re dealing with fine lines and wrinkles or dark spots and an uneven skin tone, the regular use of vitamin C will soon have your skin looking brighter and more youthful.

The best way to add vitamin C to your summer skincare routine is with a serum. Always check to see which form of vitamin C a serum uses. The VouPre Vita C Serum, for example, contains tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. It’s a very stable and efficient form of the vitamin. Even better, this serum also contains ascorbyl palmitate, another vitamin C derivative. Meanwhile, the combination of grape stem cells and botanical oils gives you even more antioxidants, safeguarding your complexion. 

Don’t Allow Redness and Inflammation to Take Over Your Complexion

Hydrating Toner-3

One of the downsides to exposing your skin to the sun, other than the accelerated aging and increased risk of skin cancer, is the redness and inflammation that can follow. This is common even after just a short amount of time spent in the sun. If you want to keep your skin looking even and radiant, knowing how to soothe the feeling of inflammation is a must.

Fortunately, there are several ingredients out there that are known for being superstars at doing just that. Aloe vera, for example, is one that so many people turn to after they have spent too much time in the sun. It feels incredibly soothing on the skin and will quickly diminish the look of redness and irritation.

Chamomile is another ingredient that has a calming effect on the complexion. Cucumber extract would be worth adding to your routine too, with this one also boasting hydrating capabilities. If you’d like to make the most of all of those ingredients in one go, add VouPre’s Hydrating Toner to your summer skin routine. Splash it onto your skin after cleansing and in between your other skincare products to ensure that your skin feels calm and relaxed at all times.

Keep Your Skincare Routine Light

Cannabis Collection

As we mentioned earlier, sebum production increases in the summer. This can make the skin feel greasier than usual. The last thing that you want to do is overload your skin with thick products that weigh it down. That will only fast-track you to a face full of acne breakouts!

While rich and heavy products may have been a godsend in the winter, summer skin doesn’t need quite as much extra moisture. This doesn’t mean that you should skip the moisturizer – instead, simply switch to a lighter, water-based formula that will hydrate your skin without congesting it.

One product that does this well is the Cannabis Silk Cream from the VouPre Cannabis Collection. It’s filled with lightweight humectants, meaning ingredients that bind moisture to the skin without weighing it down. Between algae extract, sodium hyaluronate, and peptides, your skin will look bright and bouncy. The fact that this moisturizer also contains an assortment of antioxidants that are known for how they diminish the appearance of UV damage is a bonus!

Be Careful With Retinoids

Aqua Collection

We’ve already talked about how exfoliation can make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. Unfortunately, other skincare ingredients can have this effect as well.

Some vitamin A derivatives are notorious for doing this. They’re fantastic ingredients to use on the skin, especially with the onslaught of UV damage in the summer, but some retinoids can also spell bad news for summer skin.

This is where the gentler vitamin A derivatives come in use. Retinyl palmitate, for example, is one of the mildest forms of vitamin A. It still produces comparable visible results to the more potent retinoids – it just takes a little longer to work. It also doesn’t come with the same side effects, making it a much safer option for your summer skincare routine.

This is why retinyl palmitate is the form of vitamin A that we’ve used in the VouPre Aqua Collection. Both the Aqua Melting Mask and the Aqua Hydration Serum contain the ingredient. This means that, with the serum, your skin will benefit from the ingredient on a daily basis, while the mask will give you a weekly boost!

Caring For Summer Skin With VouPre

It’s important not to forget about your skin while you’re basking in those summer rays. If you don’t give your skin the summer care that it needs, your complexion will end up paying for this mistake in the long run. Fortunately, with the guide that we’ve shared above, you won’t need to worry! Follow our tips and you’ll be able to soak up all that the season offers while still sporting radiant skin at the end of it!

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