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Conquer the Appearance of Dark Spots With These 7 Skincare Solutions


Also known as hyperpigmentation, dark spots form when the skin has produced too much melanin, which is the pigment that determines your skin’s color. Whether due to sun exposure, acne, pollution, skin injuries, or anything else, all of this extra melanin needs to go somewhere, but the skin struggles to evenly disperse such a great volume. As a result, the pigment ends up clumping together under the skin. This causes the surface above it to darken in color.

Unfortunately, other than with the clever use of makeup, there’s no quick fix when dealing with dark spots. That discoloration runs deeper than your skin’s surface layer. This means that while there are plenty of skincare products out there that can help to lighten the look of those dark patches, they take a while to work.

With that said, if you’re prepared to be consistent with the use of certain products, you may be able to restore a clearer and more even complexion in weeks rather than months. If that’s your aim, read on as VouPre shares seven skincare products worth turning to.

1. The Age Defense Cream SPF 30

Age Defense Cream SPF 30

Before we even begin to discuss direct solutions for dark spots, let’s first talk about sun protection. Simply put, if you aren’t properly protecting your skin from the sun, then it doesn’t matter which skincare products you use – your dark spots will not only refuse to budge, but they’ll only continue to darken.

Each time those UV rays hit your skin, they trigger your skin into producing more melanin. You need to put a stop to this over-production if you’re hoping to lighten the look of your dark spots. This makes SPF a must.

That’s where the VouPre Age Defense Cream SPF 30 comes in. This product provides the recommended amount of broad-spectrum protection, making it effective at blocking UV damage.

At the same time, it also enriches the complexion with several standout ingredients. The antioxidants in this formula, which come from the likes of green tea extract and vitamin A, will work to brighten the look of your skin. Meanwhile, aloe vera and vitamin E keep the skin feeling soothed, even when faced with intense sunlight.

Remember – you need to constantly be protecting your skin from the sun. This means reapplying your SPF every couple of hours. Do this year-round as UV rays in the winter are just as capable of discoloring your skin as the summer sun is!

2. The Deep Renewal Facial Peel

Renewal Peel

As we mentioned earlier, discoloration occurs through multiple sublayers of skin. This is why it can take a while to erase the look of dark spots. You need to wait for each discolored layer to rise to the surface so that your skincare products can access them.

Fortunately, there’s a way in which you can speed this process up…

Exfoliation offers up several benefits, one of which is its ability to help lighten the look of discoloration over time. Each time you exfoliate your skin, you’ll be removing the top layer of discoloration. This will allow the slightly less discolored layer beneath to rise up.

Be clever with your choice of exfoliator. A gentle formula, such as the VouPre Deep Renewal Facial Peel, will thoroughly remove those older cells from your skin’s surface without leaving your skin feeling over-exfoliated. Immediately after using this product, you’ll notice that your skin looks brighter and more radiant.

With that said, don’t go overboard with this peel. Over-exfoliation will do more harm than good, ultimately further enhancing your dark spots while triggering a number of other skin concerns. Keep it tolerable by exfoliating in line with your skin type. Go with one or two weekly exfoliation sessions if you have dry skin, or two to three if you have oily skin.

3. The Vita C Serum

Vita C Serum

Wondering which skincare ingredients you should be looking for if you’re trying to lighten the look of dark spots?

There’s a relatively long list, but vitamin C sits at the top. Research shows that vitamin C has a de-pigmenting effect on the complexion. It will target the appearance of dark spots and lighten the look of only those areas of skin. Meanwhile, the other areas that you apply it to will take on an overall brighter and more radiant glow. 

Even better, vitamin C has been shown to lower the feeling of inflammation too. With inflammation being one of the precursors of dark spots, regular use of vitamin C could save your complexion from developing any new areas of discoloration.

So, now that you know why you need vitamin C, why you should you go with VouPre’s Vita C Serum? 

Firstly, the fact that you need a serum in itself is a no-brainer. These lightweight products pack a punch when it comes to active ingredients, making it the best way to infuse your complexion with those potent compounds.

In terms of our serum in particular, you’ll notice two types of vitamin C on the ingredient list. This will give you double the power. It’s joined by several other antioxidants, which is always recommended if you want to make the most of vitamin C. 

Finally, the hydrating plant oils in this formula will keep your skin feeling soothed. They’ll allow the more potent ingredients to work their magic without leaving your skin feeling irritated!

4. A Derma Roller

Aqua Collection

If you’ve never seen one before, a derma roller can look like a pretty intimidating product. Sure, it’s just a manual, handheld tool, but its small rolling head fitted with tiny needles is enough to put some people off.

However, push past that and you’ll soon start to see what all of the fuss is about. Derma rolling, which is also known as microneedling, has been proven to be an extremely successful way to lighten the look of hyperpigmentation. 

It all comes down to the tiny punctures those microneedles make in the skin. This triggers the skin’s healing process, resulting in the treated area looking and feeling deeply rejuvenated. 

Ready to give it a try?

You’ll find a derma roller included in all of the VouPre collection sets. The lengths of the needles that come with the derma roller in each collection vary. The 0.2mm needles in our Cannabis Collection are great for beginners. Meanwhile, those who have used a derma roller before may want to try the 0.3mm needles from the derma roller in our Aqua Collection. If you sit somewhere in the middle, the 0.25mm needles from our Thermal Collection would be ideal for you!

5. The L’Rae Beam

L'rae Beam

Here’s another skincare device that can work wonders on the appearance of dark spots, yet this one’s a little more high-tech than a derma roller…

Meet the VouPre L’Rae Beam, a handheld device that packs some true power with its multiple functions. 

The beauty of this device is that it’s so multi-functional. You’ll be able to turn to it time and time again throughout your life, using it to target whichever visible skin concerns you happen to develop.

For now, let’s talk about its LED technology. LED light therapy is an effective way to lighten the look of dark spots. The red LED mode in this device is what you need for that, although the purple and blue modes will help to bring out your skin’s natural radiance too.

To start with, try to use the L’Rae Beam daily until you see results. The more you’re able to use it, the faster you’ll be able to erase the look of your dark spots. Once you’re happy with the results, you can cut things back to two or three sessions a week for maintenance. 

6. The Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask

Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask

High-tech skincare is great, but, sometimes, it’s comforting to take the traditional route with a good ol’ face mask. 

If fading the visibility of dark spots is your aim, a clay mask, just like the Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask from VouPre, would be a good way to go. Sure, there are thousands of other clay masks on the market, but this one stands out for a few key reasons…

Firstly, this mask contains lactic acid. This alpha-hydroxy acid mildly exfoliates the skin, contributing to how quickly the visibility of your hyperpigmentation fades. It also has hydrating properties, enabling it to plump up the look of your skin.

There are several other complexion-lightening ingredients in this mask too. Licorice root extract has been proven to lighten the appearance of discoloration, and grape stem cells have a similar effect. Honey will lighten and brighten the look of your skin as well while the numerous botanical extracts in this formula provide an amazing array of antioxidants. 

7. The Corrective Facial Cream

Thermal Collection

A moisturizer is a product that everyone should be using on a daily basis, usually twice a day. The main purpose of a moisturizer is to boost the skin’s moisture levels. However, if you’re trying to lighten the appearance of dark spots, it only makes sense to pick a moisturizer that can help you on this journey.

For that, we would recommend turning to the VouPre Corrective Facial Cream. It can be found in our Thermal Collection, a set that also contains a derma roller, a face mask, and a serum.

What’s so special about this cream?

It’s fantastic for targeting the visibility of dark spots, particularly those caused by acne breakouts. This moisturizer contains salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that will not only reduce how oily your skin feels but will also lower the feeling of inflammation in your skin. Several of the other ingredients in this formula do the same, making it a great way to moisturize your skin while evening out your skin tone at the same time.

Conquer the Appearance of Dark Spots With VouPre

Lightening the look of dark spots can feel like a huge challenge at times, particularly since it can take a while before you start to reap the rewards of your skincare efforts. However, turn to the products that we’ve featured above and you won’t have to be quite so patient. With these cutting-edge formulas, you’ll be able to have dark spots and any other forms of discoloration looking lighter and less noticeable in no time!

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