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How to Make the Most Out of Your Favorite Skincare Products


Got a serum that you absolutely love or a go-to face mask that you can’t live without?

We’ve got news for you…

As great as your favorite skincare products may be, there are ways in which you can make them even better and more effective. How? Read on as VouPre explains!

Always Start With Clean Skin

Radiance Facial Cleanser

If you want your skincare products to work to their full potential, then this means that they need to have direct access to your skin. The only way that this can happen is if you ensure that your skin has been thoroughly cleansed before you apply any other products to it. This will remove the layer of dirt, sebum, and impurities that sit on the skin’s surface, saving your products from having to fight past these obstacles.

At the same time, make sure that the cleanser you use is a gentle one. Going with an overly harsh formula will only irritate your skin and leave it vulnerable to sensitivities, which your more potent skincare products will then likely exacerbate. Rather than going with a strong, skin-stripping cleanser, choose a moisturizing formula instead, just like the VouPre Radiance Facial Cleanser. 

Make Sure That You’re Regularly Exfoliating

Deep Renewal Facial Peel

While cleansing is great for getting rid of surface impurities, dead skin cells and sebum also make their way into the pores. Once inside, they’re too deep to be touched by a cleanser.

This is where exfoliation comes in. It essentially provides a deeper cleanse, pulling impurities out of your pores so that your skincare products are able to dive straight in.

Ideally, you should be exfoliating your skin 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin type. Find a product that will do so without damaging your skin since many exfoliators are infamous for being too harsh. The VouPre Deep Renewal Facial Peel would be a great choice. Use it on your skin after it has been cleansed and your skincare products will be able to work their magic to the best of their abilities.

Layer Your Skincare Products in the Correct Order


If you want to maximize the penetration of your skincare products, layering them in the correct order is crucial. The general rule of thumb to follow is, after cleansing/exfoliating, to start with your thinnest and lightest product before working your way up to the thickest. 

Why is this order best? Because if you start with your thicker and heavier products, any lighter products that you apply afterward won’t be able to pass through them and reach your skin. Instead, they’ll sit on top of those thicker products, potentially causing pilling and breakouts. This is why a toner, which is very thin and watery, should be applied immediately after cleansing, followed by serums and then moisturizers. 

Apply Your Skincare Products to Damp Skin

Skincare products are designed for a variety of purposes but the majority of them contain hydrating ingredients. Whether it’s a product created for the appearance of dark spots, puffy under-eyes, wrinkles, or anything else, chances are that there will be at least a couple of hydrating ingredients in that formula, simply because extra hydration can help with almost every visible skin concern.

So, it only makes sense to try to enhance that hydrating effect as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by applying your skincare products to damp, rather than dry, skin. If your skin is damp, this means that there’s already some moisture sitting on your skin’s surface. Although some of this will sink into your skin, the majority of it will evaporate away. Applying your next product before this evaporation has had the chance to happen will trap that extra moisture in. This will give your skin cells access to moisture that they wouldn’t have otherwise had, resulting in a radiant glow!

Protect Your Skin With SPF

Age Defense Cream SPF 30

When it comes to your skincare routine and the various skincare products that you use, you probably have a couple of goals in mind. Whether this is to reduce the appearance of aging, tighten up the look of sagging skin, or anything else, it goes without saying that you want your products to get you to your skin goals as quickly as possible.

However, even if you buy yourself the best skincare products out there, they won’t be able to produce a significant improvement in your skin if you’re not protecting your skin from UV rays at the same time. The sun is responsible for causing so much damage to the skin. Allow this to continue happening and you’ll struggle to see results from your routine.

This is why a good SPF should be a product that you’re using daily – several times a day! If you don’t already have a go-to sunscreen, check out VouPre’s Age Defense Cream SPF 30. It works as both a moisturizer and a sunscreen, ensuring that your skin feels protected while sporting a gorgeous glow.

Add a Derma Roller to Your Skincare Routine

Hydrating serum

A derma roller is a skincare device that’s capable of boosting the complexion in a few different ways. Not only can it tackle the appearance of everything from fine lines to discoloration, but it’s also revered for how it can enhance product penetration. This is down to how the tiny needles on a derma roller create microchannels in the skin. This gives skincare products access to the deeper layers of the skin.

Treat yourself to a VouPre skincare set and you’ll have a derma roller of your own. Each collection features its own derma roller, mainly because these tools are fantastic for magnifying the visible results that the other products provide. Simply roll the derma roller over your skin after cleansing. Once you’re done, you can then continue on with the rest of your skincare routine.

Enhance Visible Results With LED Light Therapy

L'rae Beam

If you already use a derma roller or you’re not a fan of needles, LED light therapy devices are also worth having if you want to power up your skincare routine. These devices will work alongside your topical skincare products, enabling you to see results so much sooner.

We have a few different LED light therapy devices available from VouPre, with the L’Rae Beam being one of our most popular. This cutting-edge device combines LED light therapy with radio frequency technology and electric muscle stimulation. This allows you to customize each session to target the specific visible skin concerns that you’re dealing with. 

Be Consistent With Your Skincare

Anti-Aging Rescue Solution

While certain skincare products are loved for the immediate results that they provide (the VouPre Anti-Aging Rescue Solution is one of those!), the majority of them need to be used consistently. This is something that many people fail to do. Some give up after they don’t see a difference in their skin after a few days while others use certain products sporadically, applying them once every couple of weeks rather than every day.

The problem is that many active ingredients need time to accumulate in your skin before they can get to work. In order for them to do that, you need to stick with them. In most cases, it will take about one to three months before you see the effects of a new skincare product that you’ve started using. This may seem like a long time, but patience will really pay off!

Introduce Potent Actives Gradually and Carefully

Got a skincare product that you love but can’t use very often because your skin doesn’t seem to like it? This is often the case with potent active ingredients, such as retinol or hydroxy acids. These ingredients are known for causing redness, dryness, and sensitivities when they’re first used.

Although this may be normal, you also won’t want to see your skin go through such turmoil. So, rather than immediately adding potent actives to your skincare routine twice a day, take things slowly. Start by using powerful products every other day, rather than every day. Do this for a couple of weeks, or until your skin is tolerating it. You can then gradually increase usage until you’re able to use it daily without any problems.

Store Your Skincare Products Correctly

Ever wondered why your skincare products seem to work so well when you first open them, but then don’t seem as effective once some time has passed? This could be down to how you’re storing them…

Although most skincare products are designed to be as stable as possible, they’re still pretty delicate. Everything from light to heat to oxygen can cause them to deteriorate. Once this happens, they won’t be able to work properly. Not only that, but if oxidation occurs, those products could actually end up damaging your skin.

To prevent this, store your skincare products in a cool, dark, and dry location. This will go a long way in prolonging the shelf life and efficacy of the products that you use.

Massage Products Into Your Skin

If you often find yourself swiping your skincare onto your face as quickly as possible in an effort to rush through your routine, it’s time to slow things down. Spend a couple of extra minutes massaging your products into your skin and you’ll be able to get so much more out of them.

How? Because a massage helps to stimulate circulation. Increased blood flow leads to increased product penetration. Lymphatic drainage is boosted by a massage too. This speeds up the rate at which toxins are removed from the skin, preventing them from interfering with the activity of your skincare products. Of course, a massage can also leave your pores feeling relaxed and more receptive to the products that you’re applying. This once again boosts their effects.


Finding the right skincare products for your skin is only the first step when it comes to improving your complexion. You also need to know how to use them correctly, in a way that enables you to get the most out of them. Follow the tips that we’ve shared above and you’ll be on the right track. Your skincare routine will soon become more effective than ever, with this showing through in how healthy and radiant your skin will look.

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