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Underhyped VouPre Products You Need to Try


Here at VouPre, we pride ourselves on creating cutting-edge, science-led skincare products. The advanced formulations that we make use of are appreciated by many, with several of our products becoming mainstays in skincare routines all around the world.

However, there are others that haven’t gained quite as much attention, even though they can be total game-changers when it comes to the complexion. If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your skincare routine, here are some of the underhyped VouPre products that you need to try!

The Dark Circle Eye Cream

Dark Circle Eye Cream

If you’ve been battling with the appearance of dark circles for a while, you’ll be all too familiar with how many eye creams claim to be superstars at helping with this, only to fall through on their promises. This is what sets the VouPre Dark Circle Eye Cream apart from its competition. Not only will it immediately leave your dark circles looking lighter and less noticeable, but its long-term effects will ensure that the visibility of dark circles soon becomes a problem of the past.

How? It all comes down to the potent vitamins and antioxidants in this blend. Resveratrol and caffeine are joined by vitamins A and C, creating a unique combination that tackles the appearance of dark circles from multiple angles. Whether yours are down to genetics, sun damage, a lack of sleep, or anything else, this eye cream will lighten and brighten those troubled areas of your complexion.

In terms of its instant effects, these are attributed to mica, chitosan, and allantoin. Mica reflects light to give the skin radiance while chitosan and allantoin quickly calm the feeling of inflammation.

The Aqua Collagen Advanced Wrinkle IV Treatment

Aqua Collagen Advanced Wrinkle IV Treatment

Fine lines and wrinkles may be inevitable at some point in life, but this doesn’t mean that people want them to appear. Instead, most strive to retain their smooth and youthful complexion for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, once those wrinkles make an appearance, getting rid of them can be difficult. This is why we created the VouPre Aqua Collagen Advanced Wrinkle IV Treatment. It’s a specialized solution that immediately smooths away the visibility of wrinkles, giving the skin a crease-free finish.

How does it do this? There are a few fast-acting ingredients in this formula that provide those instant benefits. DMAE is one, officially known as dimethylaminoethanol tartrate. Research confirms that it tightens up the look of wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling firmer. Sodium hyaluronate plays an important role too in how it plumps up the complexion while acetyl hexapeptide-8 has been proven to be an effective way to address the appearance of wrinkles. 

The ClearSuds Foaming Purifier

Clearsuds Foaming Purifier

For people with oily skin, a good foaming cleanser can make all of the difference. The thick lather that it forms efficiently clears away excess oil from the skin’s surface and the pore openings. This goes a long way in preventing clogged pores and acne breakouts.

The downside to foaming cleanser products is that most of them contain sulfates. These are surfactants, aka cleansing agents, and are commonly used in facial cleansers (as well as shampoos and other cleansing-related cosmetics). The problem with sulfates is that they dry out the skin a little too much. They remove more oil than necessary, which may sound like a good thing but, in the long run, this will only stimulate your skin into increasing the overall volume of oil that it produces each day.

The good news is that with the VouPre ClearSuds Foaming Purifier, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a foaming cleanser without having to resort to the use of sulfates. Instead, this sulfate-free formula cleans the skin without overly stripping it. It’s also packed with botanical extracts that will soothe the feeling of inflammation, which is common in oily, acne-prone skin. 

The Hydrating Toner

Hydrating Toner

If you want your skin to look and feel its best after being cleansed, following up with a toner is crucial. A good toner will work to rebalance the pH level on the surface of your skin. This can often be skewed by cleansing and could lead to new skin problems arising in the future. At the same time, it will also give the skin the moisture boost that it desperately needs after being cleansed.

While it’s true that many of the toner products out there can have an overly drying effect on the skin, the VouPre Hydrating Toner is very different. Instead, this product is formulated to be intensely hydrating. Aloe vera leaf juice instantly quenches and soothes the complexion while cucumber fruit extract and chamomile calm and refresh the feel of the skin. Its short but powerful ingredient list makes it a suitable candidate for all skin types.

If the reason you don’t currently use a toner is that you’re trying to keep your skincare routine simple, give this formula a chance. It only takes a few seconds to apply yet it can make such a difference to your complexion. 

The Vita C Serum

Vita C Serum

A vitamin C serum is one of those rare products that everybody would benefit from. This isn’t a secret, which is why the popularity of vitamin C serums has shot through the root in recent years. Everyone is clamoring for one, reaching for the formulas that boast potently high concentrations of the ingredient.

The problem with this is that some forms of vitamin C are infamous for causing irritation in the skin. They’re also notoriously unstable. They oxidize quickly when exposed to air, light, or heat. This can end up causing more harm than good for your skin.

You can get around this by being very careful when choosing which vitamin C serum to use. Look for formulas that contain stable forms of the ingredient, such as the VouPre Vita C Serum. It may not be as hyped up as products that promise a pure shot of ascorbic acid, but it also won’t leave you dealing with side effects. 

Plus, in terms of antioxidant content, this serum comes out on top. In addition to two stable forms of vitamin C, it also boasts grape stem cells, vitamin A, vitamin E, and a cocktail of antioxidant-rich plant oils. Vitamin C always works best when paired with other antioxidants, which is exactly what you’ll be getting with this serum!

The Derma Revive Neck Cream

Derma Revive Neck Cream

You’ve probably already got a face cream that you love, but what about a neck cream?

While it’s true that you can use your face moisturizer on your neck too, this area experiences some unique issues that are sometimes better addressed by dedicated products. Wear and tear from movement, for example, is something that the neck has to deal with much more than the face. The neck is almost constantly in motion, making it more susceptible to creasing and sagging.

To help keep neck skin looking smooth and taut, we created the VouPre Derma Revive Neck Cream. It’s an intensely moisturizing formula that works in a few different ways. Firstly, it hydrates the skin with a mixture of sodium hyaluronate, collagen amino acids, and jojoba seed oil. This immediately plumps up the complexion to leave it looking firmer. 

The numerous antioxidants in this cream help too. From vitamin A to green tea extract, these ingredients will fight the appearance of free radical damage, eliminating the look of wrinkles and discoloration.

Of course, you’ll notice shea butter in this moisturizer as well. It’s packed with fatty acids that will keep your skin feeling strong and supple.

The Aqua Hydration Serum

Aqua Hydration Serum

Keeping the skin hydrated is so important. It’s a task that’s made easier by the fact that there are so many hydrating skincare ingredients and products to pick from. One of these is the VouPre Aqua Hydration Serum, which you’ll find in our Aqua Collection. 

What makes this serum better than other similar products? It all comes down to the ingredients that it contains. One of the most important is sodium hyaluronate, a humectant that binds moisture to the skin. It’s famed for being one of the most hydrating ingredients around. It’s joined by collagen and lactic acid, both of which also have humectant properties. The latter also happens to be an alpha-hydroxy acid. This means that it will clear away rough skin cells to leave your skin looking brighter.

Speaking of brightness, the radiant glow that your complexion will take on after applying this serum is partly due to meteorite powder. Yes, this serum literally contains stardust, an ingredient that will have your skin looking out of this world!

The Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask

Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, then it goes without saying that a good clay mask is a must in your skincare routine. Clay is one of the best ingredients available for absorbing excess sebum from the skin, and the Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask from VouPre contains two types of clay.

In this mask, bentonite and kaolin come together to create an oil-zapping blend that will quickly mattify your complexion. With that said, that’s not all that this mask is about. It has also been designed to revitalize the feel of the skin, countering the appearance of environmental damage.

This is why you’ll find a long list of antioxidants in this mask. It contains numerous botanical extracts, including cucumber, willow, seaweed, licorice root, and honey. Meanwhile, hemp seed oil works hard to hydrate the skin. This is crucial when it comes to clay masks as many can end up absorbing too much oil and moisture, leaving the skin parched.

Cutting-Edge Skincare Products From VouPre

As you can see, VouPre skincare products contain some of the finest ingredients around. While we do make use of several lab-produced compounds, we also bring nature into the mix as much as possible. This is what makes our products so special. They combine the best of science and nature, resulting in formulas that keep their promises when it comes to giving your skin what it needs to look and feel its very best.

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